Moving users from one group to another (or renaming group)

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Nextcloud version : 21.0.4
Operating system and version : Gentoo
PHP version : 7.4

I have some users userA, userB… in a group GROUP1
With GROUP1 and some other groups too, these users share some calendars, use some group folders etc…

Now I would like to rename this group GROUP1 to GROUP2

Nextcloud does not offer the option to rename a group…

So my plan is to use occ to create GROUP2, then add users userA, userB… to GROUP2, then remove userA, userB… from GROUP1, then delete GROUP1.

php occ group:add GROUP2
php occ group:adduser GROUP2 userA userB …
php occ group:removeuser GROUP1 userA userB …
php occ group:delete GROUP1

It should work, right ?!

A colleague of mine is skeptical and thinks that doing so may compromise the database, in particular because the new group GROUP2 would have a new GID

What is your opinion on this ?
Is it safe to use occ as mentioned above to move users from one group to another (I basically just want to rename their group…)