Moving/transfering/migrating Nextcloud to new server

Hi, I currently have a NC instance running on a webserver. This webserver will be gone in a few months so I’d like to move it over to a VPS. I’d like to keep my calander dates & configuration, users accounts, plugins (and data, but this is less important bc i have a backup of these files anyway) and folder structure & permissions. Basically the NC instance just has to run on a new IP address. (If possible I’d like to run NC this time through a docker container too).

Are there any (good) up-to-date guides out there, and what do I need to prepare for? Can I just download the docker container, run it and run a command that will start the transfer off all users & data? or will I have to go look every directory and transfer it manually?

When the transfer is complete, i’ll have to change DNS reccords. is there anything else that comes to mind that’s important to think about?

did you check the official migrating guide already?

File not found.

There was an issue with this weekend.
Works again.