Moving/renaming files in an external storage [Linode ObjectStorage] fails but copying/deleting succeeds. Any configuration error?

Hello everybody,

I have configured an external storage (AWS s3) based on a Linode Object Storage bucket.
For an unknown reason I can neither move nor rename files and folders, but can only copy and then delete them; this happens with both the Nextcloud web browser and the macOS Finder.
However, when I use Cyberduck everything works fine and this makes me think that something in Nextcloud or in its configuration is wrong.
On desktop I get a notification, which disappears after a few seconds, like that:
"Server replied “500 Internal Server Error” to “MOVE https: //
On server, instead, the log is more articulated:
===== start
Aws\Exception\MultipartUploadException: An exception occurred while uploading parts to a multipart upload. The following parts had errors: - Part 1: Error executing “UploadPartCopy” on ""; AWS HTTP error: Client error: PUT https://******* resulted in a 403 Forbidden response: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>AccessDenied</BucketN (truncated…) AccessDenied (client): - <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>AccessDenied*******tx00000b5aa15010bec5cd1-00661d3422-2a384712-default2a384712-default-default

===== end
I’m wondering why access seems to be forbidden!
For your information:

  1. I can perform any filesystem operation on the default volume of the same server without any trouble
  2. I can manage files on that external storage using Cyberduk

Any advice?
I appreciate any suggestions or runaround that can help me solve this problem.


PS as a picture is worth a thousand words, I enclose an animated gif showing what is happening. (better you download the gif!)

Nextcloud vs 27.1.3
Server operating system: Ubuntu 22.04.4
PHP 8.2.1, Apache: 2.4.52
macOS Nextcloud Desktop: 3.12.3

It’s possible your S3 provider/platform doesn’t support Upload Part (Copy). You can try disabling it in your External Storage configuration. It’s labeled Enable multipart copy.

Nextcloud vs 27.1.3

This is an outdated maintenance release. I believe the above option was added in 27.1.4, so you may need to update to a more current maintenance release. The latest v27 is 27.1.8.

Dear Josh,
Good catch!
My previous server was running Nextcloud 25.x, that didn’t support multipart uploads, so External Storage was working fine with Linode buckets without setting any option.
Probably setting the parameter < concurrency > to 1 is enough!
Thank you very much,