Moving from OnlyOffice Document Server to Nextcloud 18 integrated version

Hi community,
is there any documentation about switching from the “old” OnlyOffice setup with document server docker image on own server to the new integrated version of Nextcloud18, when/before updating to 18?
In the release statement the team mentioned, there is nothing to worry about when updating from 17 to 18, but I’m not sure about the OnlyOffice part. Is it that easy: just update and afterwords I can delete my docker image??
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ok, I now found some threads about this (didn’t find them with search before, sorry):

Nextcloud 18 - Problems with Community document server and OnlyOffice

mentioned problems appearing on Linux servers:
Document server fails with “./x2t: Permission denied (github)”
Unable to use community document server due to issues executing x2t (github)

and some small solutions in here:
OnlyOffice / Document Server does not work

I will follow them and wait before I update…

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I just did a manual upgrade via:

Afterwards, I simply disabled & removed my current OnlyOffice App, installed the Community Document Server App, then re-installed the OnlyOffice App.

Just be sure that you set the Advanced Server Settings in the OnlyOffice Settings to: