Moving files from read-only filesystems does not work well

Hello to all
This is what happens to me and I think it is important to find a solution:

If you try to move a file or folder from an external read-only file system (SMB for example), an error is generated but the file is ‘physically’ moved (copied).

Vers. 11.0.2 / 3

Case 1

  1. Create an external storage (SMB / CIFS read only)
  2. move a file from the external storage to the user folder (files)
  3. An error is generated (can not move …)
  4. Run ‘occ files: scan user’ or simply ‘ls user / files’ and the file is in the user folder

Case 2

  1. Create an external storage (SMB / CIFS) with two folders, one read-only and one read and write
  2. Drag & drop a file from the read-only folder to the read and write folder
  3. An error is generated (can not move …)
  4. Navigate to the samba filesystem in the read and write folder, the file is there

Of course this is because I can read the file (and then copy it) but I can not delete it.
Also, due to the error, the file is not visible from the interface if you are not running ‘occ files: scan’

Unfortunately this is a situation that could easily occur in office environments (a read-only filesystem could be used for modules, templates, etc.)

I warned my users not to do this, but it’s not a good solution … :slight_smile: