Moving datadir to cifs mount with nc-datadir command

I have ncp installed on a debian64 server and I’m trying o move my datadir to a cifs mount.

I have edited the fstab file with the following line and the mount it’s working ok

\ /media/nextcloud/data cifs username=XXX,pasword=XXX,uid=33,gid=33;dir_mode=0770,filemode=0770,iocharset=utf8,sec=ntlm, 0 0

But when I try to move datadir with nc-datadir command from the web I obtain the following message:

Only ext/btrfs filesystems can hold the data directory

I have surfed the web from a fix to this solution but I haven’t find anything that solves the problem.

I don’t know if cifs mounting is the better approach or maybe I should try NFS, my data is in a WD mycloud NAS. I am open to your suggestions.

I am quite newbie in linux so a step by step guide will be very helpfull.

Thanks for your support in advance

NCP only supports ext and btrfs file systems for moving ncdata to.
So you can not move your data folder to any other file system, using nc-datadir.