Moving Data Questions from a Newbie

I posted this 4 days ago in an older thread and got no response. I could use some up to date information please. The installation manual and my admin panel tells me to move my data but there is seemingly no officially supported way to do this? It’s pretty confusing to be honest. Thank you. My original post:

"I am not skilled at linux or apache, etc. I just got NC 12.0.0 up and running following the manual install instructions and the default installation path when first starting nextcloud put the data in the webpath apparently.

I’d like to uninstall everything and start over.

I am guessing that I need to:

apt-get purge nextcloud
apt-get purge mysql-server

as to the non-web-root directory I was thinking of creating /home/share as the /home mount point has 3TB available and should do okay for my family sharing files

I don’t know what my chown command should look like?

And also is /home/share where both the nextcloud database and user created documents will be kept?

Thanks in advance, and any help much appreciated."

This was not supported for a long time. Now it is possible but not yet documented. Owncloud has it documented (shouldn’t be very different):

I opened an issue on the bug tracker:


We can also redirect internally since it is documented on the forum currently :slight_smile:

(See solution)