Moving a shared folder breaks the link to the shared folder and deletes files

macOS desktop client 2.3.3
Nextcloud 12.0.3

Yesterday afternoon, I was teaching a user about how they can move a folder that is shared with them into a private subfolder in Nextcloud. I call these personal folders ‘organizing folders’. I created a new folders called “Active Projects” and I then used the Finder to move five shared folders into an organizing folder on their computer.

This morning, a different user reached out saying that documents and folders were missing from one of their shared folders.

What happened is that one of the shared folders moved correctly and retained the fact that it was a shared folder. The other four shared folders detached themselves from being a shared folder and converted the folders into private folders with the same name as the shared folders. Then the files were promptly deleted from the shared folders in the Nextcloud server and from all client computers who had access to the shared folders.

I will attach this topic to and request a reopening of this GitHub issues ticket -

Try with NC 12.0.4 if it was fixes. If not you can open a new ticket on github and you can just refer to the old one.