Movie doesn't play completely, NC size != actual size

I am trying to render every video so it is playable in the browser. Do you have any suggestions which program and settings to use?
Following is my Problem:
Tried Handbrake with the Web Youtube Preset and it works, the video is playable but only the beginning.
The Video is 4.32GB on my hdd but on Nextcloud only 329.3MB when uploaded with windows client. Tried also removing the chapters but same result.

Also tried ffmpeg with following command:
ffmpeg -i -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -profile:v baseline -level 3 output.mp4
but the video is not playable in Nextcloud:

Has anyone figured out which program to use for encoding and what settings to reliably get playable videos in Nextcloud?

Would love to get some assistance.
Cheers Simon

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To be clear, on the Server, all files are uploaded correctly and have the proper file sizes.
Just Nextcloud doesnt seem to get it right.
ls -l *

Running my System on a Raspberry Pi 4,
Server version: Apache/2.4.38 (Raspbian)
Nextcloud 19.0.4
PHP 7.4.11 (cli)

Also, another movie plays just fine in full length. File is smaller tho, read that big file sizes cause problem for videos in Nextcloud.
(“Willkommen Bei Den Schtis” plays without issues, “Portrait Einer Jungen Frau in Flammen” only plays the beginning and filesize is not correct, even tho they are both rendered with Handbrake!)
Seems to be a Nextlcoud issue to me and I dont know what to do.

To play mp4,mkv,… videos from the web is not an ideal scenario and I can imagine that you will find issues anyway if you for example try to load that externally over the internet. You are loading this on LAN, right?
Try to check the Rasp 4 resources it could be that this is the resource issue where it is hitting the CPU and maybe thermal limit.
Another idea is to download this file from the Nextcloud and try to play it and compare it with the original file, this will exclude that the Nextcloud process corrupted the file somehow. But the size difference is really strange.

Playback from mobile internet is no problme, I do that all the time. Thermal problems are not present, 53°C max when I use the cpu 100% for a while.
The file on the server is not corrupted, downloaded it on my laptop and it plays just fine.

The only thing I could think of to make this work was to set up a Plex server parallel to Nextcloud.
I just did that and now I can watch all the content fine, hosted by the Plex server.