Moved to kubernetes and copied over data now cannot upload

I started out with the docker container and then moved it’s storage to NFS, that was working. I then moved to kubernetes, but it killed NFS, so I switch the persistent volume (backing /var/www/html) to a longhorn PVC. I can read everything, but, uploads fail. The message I see in the pod logs that seems to be relevant is: - nate [03/Mar/2021:15:35:02 +0000] "MOVE /remote.php/dav/uploads/nate/1d9f1acf1e300d6b12c91f833b798bf7/.file HTTP/1.0" 403 759 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (Android) Nextcloud-android/3.15.0"

Unfortunately, since sudo is not included in the container image, I cannot run any of the occ commands. Any ideas where I should look? I suspect there is something out of sync with the database…

Looks like the issue was due to the database believing files existed in the uploads directory, which for some reason or another, were not on the file system. There were a few files which did not get copied successfully via the “kubectl cp” command, that had existed in the prior incarnation of the container, thus in the sqlite DB file. Copying those files into the kubernetes container eliminated the upload error (from what I’m guessing the system thought was a prior failed upload), which then allowed the system to MOVE the new uploads into position.