Move user to another nextcloud server

Hi folks,
I need some help to get this solved:

I have a NC14 server on Debian and a NC16 on Ubuntu. They are both in Germany.
The files are stored outside the servers, on different clouds. Every user choose where to keep the files: France, Germany, Finland, etc.

For every storage I have a separate entry in fstab and that storage is mounted to a local mount point. I moved /data/user to the new location and left a symlink instead, changed permission, etc. All good.

I use server side encryption, all files in all storages are encrypted.

My problem: I want to move userX from NC14 to NC16.
I think about creating the userX on NC16 with the same password and just mount the storage on server2, then occ files:scan to populate the db. Calendars will be exported and imported manually. Nothing else.
Would that preserve access to its previously encrypted files? Should I do something else?