Move TOTP for a generic user to a new phone number


I hope all is well. I have a generic user that we want to have a specific user use to manage a few folders.
The user is already linked to for example 2121231234 phone number for TOTP. How do I move this account TOTP to another device?

Thank you.

hi TOTP is AFAIK not linked to a phone number but rather to a device which runs an authenticator app. If you want to replace this device you can login as a user and just disable and re-enable two-factor and scan the QR code with the new device. unfortunately Nextcloud doesn’t provide a way to add multiple devices using different TOTP codes an doesn’t plan to add such support. but you can scan the code multiple times with different devices (as backup) and definitely create backup codes to avoid lockout. May be WebAuthn device like Youbikey/Nitrokey is better suited for shared account TOTP.

I use a Yubikey and thats a good solution.
But I f you prefer an app you can try Authy.
Can be shared beetwen devices

Thank you very much @wwe