Move passwords from one folder to another

I’ve looked but I don’t see a choice to move passwords from one folder to another. I imported from a bitwarden .json file and things landed where they did. I would like to organize my passwords a bit. Any way to do this? If not, may I make the suggestion.


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I don’t think there is an option to move passwords from one folder to another, although this would certainly be a very useful feature. Especially if you have many passwords (which will inevitably be the case for most people).

I think a good solution would be to display all folders in the sidebar to the left and make the passwords drag&drop-able like files in the Files app.

huh? all passwords ARE moveable per drag & drop within the original password-folder.

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Ok, you’re right. But you have to drag it to the breadcrumb-navigation to move a password in a folder that is higher in the hierarchy. Or is there another way?

It would also be great to be able to grab multiple password entries to drag to another folder. As of right now it seems like I can only grab and drag one at a time.