Move ownership of folder

i have nextcloud 17 on ubuntu. i try to move ownership of all/some folder
i using a following command:
sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:transfer-ownership --path=“test 01” user1 user2
the error show:
The target user is not ready to accept files. The user has at least to be logged in once.
it’s not correct both user1 and 2 has login many times and has a many files and folder.
What is wrong.
Please HELP

noobquestion here: have you checked about the exact spelling of the usernames since linux is case-sensitive… ? User1 doesn’t equal user1

Yes I did. It is not mater of spelling. All my user is created with capital alphabet.
It’s something else. I create test1 and test2 I log on as both. Then I try to move ownership from test1 to test2
Same result.

Same problem here!
“user has at least to have logged in once”

I doublechecked to spell the usernames and the path to the folder right. I also already logged in as the new user and uploaded two testfiles.

Also don’t I see anything in the logs…

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