Move Nextcloudpi from raspberry pi4 to odroid H2, so from ARM to x86

I wand to move my installation from my pi to my odroid…

Clear for, all my data is on a Raid, so i move my Harddisk to the odroid and rebuild the raid, so i got acces to all my data and i start nextcloud pi in a docker.

But what kind of Backups in need to do on my pi for the user data and so on, in which order and in which order i load the backups?

Thanks for the Help!

Make a backup using nc-backup, it will backup the NC files and the database, (without data if not set to include).
You can then use that to restore NC and the Database from.
If you point the new install’s config.php to data on the raid and run nc-scan, you should be okay.
nc-scan can take a while depending on quantity/size of data.