Move mails from inbox to specific folders

I just downloaded the mail app v0.6.3 for Nextcloud v11.0.3.
I then connected to Gmail account and was able to see all emails and specific folders.
But I can’t find how to move mails that are in my inbox to one of these specific folders.
Sound pretty simple but I guess I’ve overviewed something.
Could somebody give me some help?
I couldn’t find anything in the github nor on the forum.
Thanks in advance,

Moving mails should be supported. There has already be one report that it does not work for everybody:

It seems that moving e-mails via drag and drop should work out of the box. However, I’m unable to do it. I tested two different nextcloud installations with nextcloud 18.0.3 and mail app 1.1.4. and with php 7.2.x . OSes are Ubuntu 18.04 (mariadb 10.1) and openSuse Leap 15.1 (mariadb 10.2).
Regarding web browsers, I tested chrome, chromium and firefox on Ubuntu.
Normal drag and drop on files and directories works.
I don’t see anything in apache or nextcloud logs.
In the drag and drop process, I see the mail attached to the mouse, but no mail folder gets ever marked, but this is what I would expect from the files and directories behaviour. And when I just drop it on different places on the mail folder line, just nothing happened. It was within the same mail account.
Maybe someone knows what I’m doing wrong…

It’s not there yet but is being worked on

Hello! I have the same issue. Should it work by now? The GitHub issue is closed. Thanks.

Closed but not merged, so no, it won’t work right now.

With which release, we can expect that the move mails feature is going to work ?
Actually, I am just waiting for this to start migrating away from rainloop.


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We’ll release it when it’s ready.

true, I wouldn’t have expected anything else from you :slight_smile:
thanks anyhow