Move Files from NAS to Nextcloud?

Hi guys

I have a QNAP NAS TS-453mini with a Apache Webserver and MariaDB (SQL). I install the new version of nextcloud (12.0.3) und it runs perfect. Now i want to move all my personal files (3TB) into the nextcloud. Now the question; which is the best way to do this?

The fastest way ist to open the webinterface from the NAS and move the files from folder A to B. But this can maybe make some problems because the database, right? The other way is to copy all the files to a external harddrive and upload it through another device (my laptop for example) to nextcloud. Its stupid fo me to copy the files from the NAS to the NAS… Is there a way to grab the files directly in nextcloud?

Thanks for the answers and sorry for my shitty english :slight_smile:


Official way: You can use your the original folder as external storage and then copy the files directly via webdav (the files remain on the server and are not downloaded to the client).

Manual copy and the occ-filescan could do the job. It’s not recommended to do it (not sure about all implications). If the other way is not doable in a reasonable time …


Thanks tflidd! I will try the external storage solution :slight_smile: