Move files and folders including path to archive folder


I have experimented in our organization with a number of differenct archiving principles and I fianally arrived at the conclusion that a usable archive has to preserve the folder structure as much as possible. So this is my idea:

The app “move to archive” lets the (admin) user specifiy a single folder for the archive. The context menu will get a new entry called “archive”. The archiving would be dead simple:

folder1/folder2/file1.txt → move → archive/folder1/folder2/file1.txt

This should also work for folders and its subfolders. The folder and all its files and subfolders will be moved, If one clicks on the context menu button “archive”

I try to get a protoype runing, however I have never created an app before (I use GPT4 to get things done). But it is not working so far. Is there anyone out there who has already created a simple app like this?

I think this archive feature would be awsome for medium size teams which produce a lot of clustered data over the time.

Would be very happy about your comments :slight_smile: