Move file to app folder after automatic upload works, but files get deleted locally after opening the NC app

I am using NC and the android for quite some time already, but it took me quite some time as well to figure out to get the setup right to move data from my camera to the app directory after uploading using the android apps build in feature.

What I do now is, taking pictures to the internal storage, and move them after uploading into the app directory. This works fine as long as I do not start the NC app on Android.
So after uploading the Pictures get moved to the right directory, this I verified using the Gallery App.

After opening the NC App and navigate to the folder the pics show up with a green checkmark as expected but after the preview image gets loaded the green checkmark gets removed. Also in the gallery app (or file manager) the file got removed from the local storage and the app directory.

My upload folder is a not the standard CameraUploads and I also do create folders based on year/month automatically using the option in the upload settings. I tried it also without the “seperate year/month” folder setting but same behaviour.

What is happening there is weird because I really would like to use the feature exactly that way I assume it should work. Btw. the files I syncronized stay in the folder and do not get removed, only the auto uploaded ones which get moved to the app directory, but as I said, only after opening the android app in the folder they are stored on the NC instance.

For me this sounds like a bug or a very very stupid layer 8 error/expectation :wink:


Adding some github issues I found, related to this as well

seems to be fixed now :slight_smile: