Move existing nextcloud server to new vps

Hi all!
Would it be possible to move an existing server to a new VPS? Which steps is involved?
I use it for having videos on and then stream them when I want to watch but the old one seems to be to slow or have too litle upload capacity.



Hi, unfortunately, there have been no answers to your question here. Have you found a solution elsewhere? I’m facing the same issue, and it would greatly help me if you could kindly provide some tips on where I could inquire about this.
:slightly_smiling_face:Thank you very much.


to migrate NextCloud to a new server I would do the following:

  • update your old NextCloud instance to the latest version
  • install a fresh NextCloud on the new server (latest version: 28.0.1)
  • install all modules, Apps like your old environment
  • test the new fresh installation
  • if all works fine, you can start the migration:
  1. copy the old database to your new server
  2. copy all data from the old file system to the new one
  3. check your config file in config/config.php and correct the database login data
  4. check in your config file the path of your data folder. If you have a new path, you should change the value in your config file and database in the table oc_storages (search for a local: entry).
  5. check the web interface from nextcloud and test the login
  6. do a occ files:cleanup and files:rescann --all to check your files consistency
  7. see your admin page which errors appear and fix them

These are the things that I would spontaneously pay attention to. This is how NextCloud should actually work.

I hope I could help you with it :slight_smile:

There is also a section on this in the official documentation: Migrating to a different server — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation