Move existing hosted Installation to get SSL support

Dear All,

I installed nc within a subdomain nc.domainname.tld . Unfortunately I had no SSL certificate in place in the beginning.
Now as the certificate became available it does not support subdomains, so I would like to use the nc installation within this path domainname.tld/nc, which obviously does not work. How can the situation be resolved?

  • Can a rewrite rule stored in .htaccess mitigate the situation? What should it look like?

  • Can I make some small changes to the installation to adress the path-problem? Is there a document describing those?

  • Should I conduct a fresh install within the subdirectory domainname.tld/nc and then move the data directory from the old install in? What else needs to be changed?

Any other thoughts?

Brgds DerBusIsVoll

you only need to change your web server settings.

millions. example:

btw: why you don’t get a new certificate? you aren’t using letsencrypt?

Well, we are a nonprofit org, and the hoster would charge extra monthly for a certificate supporting also subdomains.

Will read through and hopefully resolve the issue - thanks

do you have access to the shell of the server or do you use web hosting?

Unfortunately Webhosting, and just found that I cannot even run occ commands. So it seems I’m stuck.

Why you dont change the Hoster?

at least worth thinking

Solution: Using ssh to create a link ln -s …/nc (from within webroot of the domain to webroot of the subdomain) and adding domainname.tld to the list of trusted hosts in config/config.php

Still can’t believe it was that simple!