Move data/images from SSD to shared folder? - Nextcloud VM

Hi guys,

I’ve succesfully installed Nextcloud VM on my Win10 “server” running VM workstation.
All my VM’s are on SSD, and for my nextcloud VM I want to move files to a backup location, a harddrive.
Could you help me on how to do this?
I know the basics, but now acctually how to mount the harddrive (it’s not empty so I don’t want to overwrite anything but to create a new folder for nc files) and have a script/task running every night to move new files to the backup location.
Hopefyllu you can lead me in the right direction! :slight_smile:

I will do some general searching in the VM world and hopefully I’ll find a solution… I’ll post here as I learn.

edit: There is of course made an app for this, called external storage: Local — Nextcloud latest Administration Manual latest documentation
Since this hard drive is located in my server I assume using local storage will be correct. It’s local or samba/cifs I guess.
So now I need to make the hard drive available to nextcloud, by mounting it. This is what I’m looking at now.
After that I hope a cron job running every night (on nextcloud vm) can move new data to this backup site.

OK so I’m much closer to a solution now than before.
I didn’t need to setup a lot of things, I just had to follow this guide:

Enable a Shared Folder for a Virtual Machine: Enable a Shared Folder for a Virtual Machine

So what I miss now is a script running every night that copies over new material to my shared folder. :slight_smile: Getting closer.

I read somewhere that nextcloud in 2017 did not support move of data files to another folder. But I’m not that concerned about security right now or my files because I do have them elsewhere.
I’ve successfully changed my autoupload folder to my new hard drive and shared folder on iphone, but I want to move the whole library to this shared folder as well.
Because my SSD is filling up with pictures now :slight_smile:
So I’m looking for a way to move those files and at the same time be sure that the index and stuff in nextcloud will work. Hopefully this can be done so I don’t need a reinstall…
Any tips will be preciated!!

I found a how-to here:

But VM is not supported, but there is another solution:

  • The official Nextcloud VM has the data already located on a separate ZFS partition, which you can easily raise in size or even add a new drive to the ZFS pool. Thanks for the hint @jeremy_fritzen.

But my issue is that this partition also is located on my small SSD (my VM’s are on my SSD).
The “even add a new drive to the zfs pool” does make me hopeful, but not sure this is what I’m looking for either…

The lonely wolf continues his search.

edit: I shutdown the vm and copied it to my hdd. Starting it now. Seems to work fine, but not sure if this is the right way to do it. Maybe it running on my SSD would be better and saving stuff to HDD as I was thinking to do it. But it looks like everything is working.
Since this would be my photos/videos from iphone I was thinking to have it easily accessible in Windows so I could upload it to a second backup location, maybe Onedrive… Not that easy the way it is now I assume. But there is still external storage that can be used I guess…

Final solution: re-install nextcloud on the HDD and do a full backup of all photos. I managed to move it but nextcloud didn’t put the green checkmark on my photos. I did the upload entire photo roll and suddenly (maybe not such a big surprise!) it started uploading all my iphone pictures. That means I would have 5200 duplicates.
I should just done it from the beginning.
Hopefully I didnt do something bad when I chose the 40gb version instead of 500gb version from hansson it, I assume it will be easier to expand the physical partition I made and also the virtual drives.
So that ends my story for now.
Didn’t get as much feedback from this forum as I hoped, but I guess it was a strange problem…