Move data directory to a different location - snap installation

Continuing the discussion from Is there a safe and reliable way to move data directory out of web root?:

I have replaced the steps 1, 2 by snap disable nextcloud and step 6 with snap enable nextcloud

after the operation is done the login screen still is being served to my browser but I can’t login (without getting any error message).

Even when I rollback the operation I can’t login any longer.

any cure for that?

if not … how would I 'make sure not cron jobs are runninganddisable apache` in a snap installation enironment?

actually using another browser cured this problem. I assume clearing the cache would have achieved the same.

Now I’n facing an access problem. Can’t create a new file in the web interface when I am using the alternative data location. I assumed cp -a -r /var/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data/ /path/to/new-location/ (the -a option mainly) should make sure the access rights are kept intact. And if I compare the rights between the original & the new data folder in the command line they are identical.