„*.mov“ files playback doesnt work ... buffering take ages on app


Im using nextcloud 19.0.4 on my raspberry pi 4 (8GB) with „Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (64bit)“.
I noticed that the video playback of „mov“ files doesn’t work in google chrome on my windows client. (Always blackscreen)

On my iPhone (via NC app) the mov playback works but the buffering takes really long. (Local caching is disabled)

Has anyone the same issues like me?

I’m not sure, but could it be, that the mov-file you test, is not streamable? I mean: the client has to download the file completely before starting the video.
An example: the tool handbrake has a checkbox, that enable a feature named “web-optimized”. This encodes the video file to be “streamable”. The client does not has to download the whole file, before it starts to show its content - it start immediately.


have you searched the forum?
i kind of remember that there have been discussions about .mov-files. and if i remember it correctly it’s all up to your own browser. but pls don’t kill me if I remember it not for 100% correctly