Mount Nextcloud Share with Webdav on a Raspberry Pi

Need some help with webdav. I’m setting up a raspberry pi picture frame for my wife. I need to be able to mount the share with webdav. I’ve been following the webdav guide on the this site. I have the raspberry pi auto log in for the auto picture rotation. When I set it up, root seems to get messed up and the auto login fails.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

If you have two-factor authentication, it is better to create an app password on your settings page. Use the username and this app password in the webdav client. You used davfs2? What exactly goes wrong, the initial connection or some automatic connection during bootup? Errors would be helpful, also check on server-side (Nextcloud/webserver log).

Figured out that adding the auto mount to stable was causing issues because the pi was using wifi. Still working on it, but making progress.