Mount Google Drive

Hi there.
Can anyone explain how to use google drive with external storage configuration.
Need some tutorial.

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Thank you so much.
Do I understand correctly, must have a domain name ?
quote :
The next screen that opens is Create Client ID. Check Web Application,
then enter your app name. Authorized JavaScript Origins is your root domain,
for example, without a trailing slash. You need two
Authorized Redirect URIs, and they must be in this form:

Not really, you can also use your IP address instead of the domain.

With “domain name” they mean the domain of your Nextcloud installation.

@Sanook As far as I can tell, google rejects ip addresses (or at least local ip addresses such as a raspberry pi’s LAN address). I’ve been able to get past those initial errors by updating my nginx configuration to use both ip address and and using the latest documentation (@anon99252149’s solution links to old documentation, so it should be updated to version 11) - but I also had to make the following adjustments:

add both LAN servername and local ip address configured in /etc/ngnix/conf.d/nextcloud.conf
Authorized JavaScript origins

add settings/personal (without index.php) to the
Authorized redirect URIs

(this may be a side effect of my nginx configuration)

booya thank you. Slightly different than the pics, but I was able to muddle through.

In three months I have to update the link for those who are unable to replace an 11 with a 12. :see_no_evil:

I mean Google Cloud Storage, it is different from Google Drive… It is the storage service like AWS S3…

Any ideia ?

prompt please, google included api all the instructions
got client ID, and so forth, can not find in nextcloud where "Go to the External Storage section of your Admin page, create your new folder name, enter the Client ID and Client Secret, and click Grant Access. Your consent page appears when Nextcloud makes a successful connection. Click Allow."
I go to administration there is no such!
this link
I do not understand how to do

profit thanks, how can I upgrade from version 10 to 12?

I followed this instructions step by step for several times but just cant get it running (red sign next to the Nextcloud Folder add line.

I tried to add Google drive within the admin account. I set everything up at the google api as described. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Any guesses?

Same here,

I recived " Error: redirect_uri_mismatch " this notification after grant access

any help