Most recent nextcloud docker stable still refers to 20.0.6 instead of 20.0.7

Hi everyone,

I hope I am in the right forum area for this.

In my understanding the most recent stable version of nextcloud is 20.0.7 released on 03.02.2021.
The docker images have been rebuild on 05.02.2021.

Looking at the image layers (Docker Hub)
I can still see ENV NEXTCLOUD_VERSION=20.0.6 instead of 20.0.7.
In this case I am refering to the “stable”-tag.

Maybe I am stupid, but I think there might be something wrong with the msot recent docker images.

Best regards

Yes, same observation here… So I tried to build the image myself in portainer from the 20.0/apache/Dockerfile on Github, but the build doesn’t seem to finish.

Please have a look here: