More options for "not-root-hosted nextcloud" instances


the first issue I have on that instance:
I cannot access /etc/apache for doing Virtual Host settings, to redirect from http to https,
so I use .htaccess in the root directory.
Now, when I do an upgrade, It overwrites the file and my settings are lost.
So instead of getting more secure it get less secure after upgrade.

How can we fix this.

Another option I miss is to run this from inside the cloud, as this instance host doesn’t has ssh, instead over scan.php which I made like this:

<?php $output = shell_exec('/usr/bin/php7.2-cli occ files:scan --all '); echo "
"; ?>

any hints to those two issues?


I would expect that all kind of hosting should provide a way to setup custom cron jobs. Does your hosting doesn’t include this possibility?

Hehe you expect a lot :slight_smile: On this instance its not there, the customer ordered a cheap one (before he went my customer). without cron. this package is “starter” and cron starts with “basic” :smiley:

There is an app to run occ from the web, haven’t tried it myself:

Regarding https:
I don’t have access to the apache config on my hoster as well, but there is an admin panel where such things (force https) can be configured. If your hoster does not support this, i suggest you look for another one. Messing with the .htaccess file all the time is not what you would like to do.

wow thank you occweb is perfect, exactly what I need.

guzzisti, where exactly is this setting in the admin panel for https-forcing? I am sure its in front of my nose and I just don’t see.


err…i really don’t know for your hoster.
My hoster is providing such a feature, but i guess we use different ones.

ah, you mean the hoster, well the customer i installed the instance he booked the starter package, it doesn’t include this feature in webbackend…