More Finegrained Permissions?

I would like to adjust permissions in ways that I haven’t yet found out how I can do this with Nextcloud. FWIW, I am currently running NC 27.1.9. Here are some examples:

  • I have some apps installed, but would like to configure which apps are accessible to which users (or groups), so not everyone should have access to all apps.

  • Granting advanced permissions to a user on a Goup Folder does not grant them the right to delete the folder. Only after making them a member of the ‘admin’ group does this option come up. But I would like to grant this permission to a user only for files and folders inside a certain subfolder. I don’t want them to have admin privileges for files and directories outside of that tree, and much less so for apps and users.

  • Granting a special “delete” permission to a user on a file or folder, but only if the file or folder is empty.

  • Disable overwriting or deletion of a file, even if created by the same user. When I tried to do that, NC asked me whether I want to keep the old or the new copy, suggesting that it would have overwritten the file if I had asked it to do.

  • Setting and removing tags.

  • Renaming/moving files.

I would much appreciate any input on how I could facilitate those things.