Monitoring with Zabbix

Hi All,

I am trying to monitor nextcloud with zabbix web scenarios, I followed the Zabbix manual

But I’m stranding on logout, The requesttoken changes everytimes Zabbix logs in so I cannot use the default logout url.

Can someone put me in the right direction, how I can capture the requesttoken ?

Thank all !!

Use zabbix-agent.

Hi Therion,

I also use the zabbix agent, but also want to monitor the front-ends availability.
With web scenarios you can simulate the login procedure.

i want also use the zabbix… one possibility its to done by the external monitoring:


that renders an xml info page

Hi All,

I solved the problem :stuck_out_tongue:, what I tried to achieve is a web scenario with 5 steps in Zabbix so we can check the availability. (see chart below).

Here are the steps That I did (sorry for my bad English) :innocent:.

Step Description
1 Navigate to Configuration, Host, , Web, Create web scenario

2 Fill in on the tab Scenario the following fields:

  • Name
  • Application/New Application
  • Variables

3 Create on the tab Steps the First page and fill in following fields:

4 Create on the tab Steps the Log in and fill in following fields:

  • Name: Log in
  • Url: http://yournextcloudserver/index.php
  • Post: user={user}&password={password}&submit=Meld u aan
  • Variable(s): b {sid}=regex:name=“requesttoken” value="([^"]*)
  • Required status code: 200

5 Create on the tab Steps the Check login and fill in following fields:

6 Create on the tab Steps the logout and fill in following fields:

7 Create on the tab Steps the Check log out and fill in following fields:



hello all
i would like to monitor a web application with zabbix, both zabbix server and application are connected, what i m tring to do now is to inspect the tables inside my application like customer table, account table… , is it possible to check the content of each table ?if yes, how can i do it?


I tried your solution, but it seems that the login is not happening. When trying to get the Check login, I get a 401 status code and I see that the test user was not logged in.

I have defined all user, password and sid globally and changed the regex to match data-requesttoken. That works.

My guess is that something might be wrong with the submit variable.

Any help is really welcome


Could you please export and publish the template for Zabbix, so we don’t always have to recreate it?

I’ve published a Zabbix external check script and Template here:

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