Monitoring template for Zabbix

Good afternoon,

I’ve started working on a Nextcloud template for Zabbix. What I’ve done is taken the JSON serverinfo output linked at the bottom of the page under Administrstion > System. I have Zabbix set up to read and parse this output. I can then perform basically any mathematical function on it to check for an alert condition, e.g. check if a number has changed, increased or decreased, is more or less than x% of another number, and so on.

What I’m trying to figure out now is what I want to do with the info. So for example I found where it lists version numbers for NC and other components, the number of apps that have updates available, etc. And I don’t need OS-level info like CPU and disk usage because I’m already pulling that from the OS with the Zabbix agent.

A lot of this info is about various memory caches (PHP, APCu, opcache, jit, internal strings) that I don’t know very much about. I need to determine what pieces of info would be useful to track and what the warning thresholds should be. So would like to get some input on that from people who know more about these various memory caches.

Most of those are not NC specific so you’ll probably find better resources through primary docs for those pieces of software (And general googling).