Monitoring nextcloud.log with logwatch

Dear All,

I use logwatch to keep an eye on the log files. Is there a way it can be used to monitor nextcloud.log with nextcloud loggind format (not syslog)?

I like the log console in the admin login but I don’t log in to nextcloud as admin (or user) everyday, still would like to know what’s going on.

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Nextcloud has a logfile in the data directory you can view externally to the web console.

Hello Jason,

I know about the file.

But logwatch does not understand the format of the nextcloud.log file. Logwatch comes with preset, what it calls, services (e.g. http to scan access logs of apache/nginx). I couldnt’t find one that could do the same for nextcloud.

Is there a way to do that?

logwatch and logcheck often come with some default settings for known webservices (apache, mysql, …). For nextcloud, you probably need to configure it yourself. I know with logcheck that you can specify with regexp the kind of lines that can be omitted (normal events that should not trigger alerts).