Monitoring documentation changes

Sorry if this is off-topic under this tag/label, but I don’t know of any other suitable place to post this that I’ve been able to find.

Is there an easy and solid way to find out changes to the official Nextcloud documentation?

I would want to receive a notification whenever text in the Nextcloud documentation is changed, regardless of how small the change/difference may be.


I’m guessing, maybe a first place to do this is at the official documentation repo, and then watch all changes/activity?

Yes, toggling on Watch there at that repository will get you all configuration changes to:

  • Admin Manual
  • User Manual
  • Developer Guide

The only bits missing will be:

  • Config.php sample changes (those are in the Admin Manual but actually generated from the main server repository)

For the clients:

  • Desktop has it owns repository which also has its docs in it
  • Android has no (current/up-to-date) documentation
  • IOS (don’t recall off-hand but check its repo)

Oh, and some of the apps that either aren’t shipped by default (or are, but aren’t sourced from the server repository) like Photos, Calendar, Tasks, etc. you’ll have to poke around at the level to find their respective repositories if you wish to monitor their docs (which are typically READMEs, sometimes in doc subfolders, and sometimes in wikis).