Modules self disabling


I have faced a strange problem. There are some modules (e.g. ldap and sharing module) which are disabled automatically time by time.
I have not found something special in the logs. After activate them manual all is fine again.

Anyone any idea?

NC Version: 11.02
OS: CentOS 7.3
PHP: 7.1
Webserver: apache 2.4x

I’ve had the same problem yesterday. Since I changed several things yesterday I wasn’t sure about this issue and thought Me did this unintended.

  • activated video module
  • did some test calls *
  • activated opcache for php
  • updated from 12 to 12.01
  • played with deck **
  • here I experienced no users to call were on display
  • here I experienced sharing functionality was missing

All this led to another severe error (gues out of memory) and I reverted video module and opcache to deactivated. Finally I just reactivated sharing module and sharing worked again.

Maybe system updates (for PHP) that overwrite the php.ini?

~system as OS
or ~system like Nextcloud update?

Which OS update would overwrite php.ini?
And why just a single module could be influenced?

And it is true, I did a system update:

but that was after the module got deactivated.

I was thinking about system as OS with updates to the php package. For only one specific module, you are right, that doesn’t make sense. This was intended as idea if suddenly all php modules are deactivated suddenly.

The Problem occurred several times. I have used all NC versions available at that time (11.0,11.01,11.02). In that timeframe if have updated the os (including php) several times.
The only thing that I can imagine was that the ldap module was disabled when the ldap server (not on the same machine) dies. But this occurs only once. So I have created a cron job that activate the ldap module in case it was deactivated.
The last three times that doesn’t work. Also the sharing was down.