Module smbclient is not installed

I am trying to connect an external hard drive to nextcloud. I’m using a microcomputer, I can already connect and login to nextcloud safely, but there is a problem with the external storage.

The “smbclient” module is not installed, mounting ““SMB/CIFS”, “SMB/CIFS using login credentials”” is not possible. Please contact your system administrator.

I have searched all forums, installed everything I can. samba and smb-clinent etc. But the result is still the same. although the console shows that smbclient is installed and updated.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Olga_Bondarenko

Here the php module php-smbclient is meant that have to be installed for your php version.

Much and good luck,

Unfrotunatelly php-smbclient is already the newest version

Perhaps a misunderstanding. smbclient is not php-smbclient. Have you check both?

Ubuntu – Package Search Results -- smbclient

could you please post the output of

awk '/php/{print$2}' <(dpkg -l)


grep php <(update-alternatives --get-selections)

and if your webserver is apache2

grep mpm <(sudo apachectl -M 2>/dev/null)


Yes, unfortunatelly all checked

The output of

awk ‘/php/{print$2}’ <(dpkg -l)


grep php <(update-alternatives --get-selections)


Thank you all for your attention