Mobile Website with upload from Camera

I was asked if I could create a “mobile app” for a wedding which should behave like an instant camera.

It should have a button called “Take a photo”, call the devices camera and upload the picture.

While it seems to be trivial to do this (and host this static code under the same domain like my nextcloud instance) - does someone have code for an auto upload to a shared nextcloud folder for anonymous access?

(Camera snippet: javascript - Using form input to access camera and immediately upload photos using web app - Stack Overflow )

Hey. I see these options here:

  1. Use webdav API and do everxthing in the browser. Then send to an anonymous share and handle the rest in native NC.
  2. Create a minimalistsic app that will accept an image and store it with date/time as filename in a pre-configured folder in the NC.
  3. Use the native photo app of the phone, instal the NC sync client, and enable auto-upload.
    Which of these depends a bit on your experience, willingness to code and some boundary conditions. How long do you have time to set up stuff (typically this only has few days time left in my experience)?
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I thought about using the first Option - the question is: Did someone already did this and has som JS code? ;-(=)

How fast du you need it?

The wedding is next weekend ;-(=)

But everything is fine - please don’t do extra work. I just had the hope that someone has a github link that I didn’t find.

I am just trying to estimate the amount of work involved and the time left. → Is it doable?

If someone already did the work: Maybe :wink:

I’m going to look deeper into this this evening and try out one or two things - and otherwise I’ll just print out the Shared Link to a nextcloud folder where thay can upload their images and videos…

I have to do some pressing stuff at hand right now. So, I cannot help immediately. Can you give me a time frame?

If you find anything, would you please give me a short hint to not waste any time?


Please, don’t do extra work for this. It doesn’t make sense and is totally not worth the time invested.

(If I find a solution, I will post it here, of course.)

Can other users see the images uploaded by other users? If not, then you probably only have a normal file drop link that you have to access via the browser.

However, if people are allowed to see each other’s pictures (like on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter where nobody asks), then I recommend the normal Nextcloud app (Android, iOS). You need a Nextcloud with the possibility to add users and the app Group Folders. But then you really have an app with which you can directly create the images for Nextcloud without a browser. Perhaps there should be a person at the wedding who can delete images via another user or group authorisation if necessary.


  • create group “wedding”
  • install app Group folders
  • create group folder “wedding”
  • add group “wedding”
  • set “Write”, not “Share”, not “Delete”, advanced permissions does not help, upload only would be nice
  • create a user “wedding”
  • set quota to 0 B for user “wedding”
  • add user “wedding” to group “wedding”
  • login user “wedding” with username/password
  • delete all files of user “wedding” (only group folder “wedding” exists now)
  • go with user “wedding” to Settings / Security / Devices & sessions and add “App name” “wedding”
  • share the qr code

Tell everyone that they can only upload files to the “wedding” folder. I don’t know whether this really works with several or many users.

In principle, it is anonymous, as all users use the same identifier.

I would rather share a Filedrop (URL) as a QR code, for example. On my smartphone, I am asked for the camera when I click on it, so that the photo can also be taken later.


Bear in mind that many cameras today have far too high a resolution. With 1000 photos, for example, you should perhaps keep 5 GB - 10 GB free to be on the safe side. You should also test the whole thing thoroughly beforehand.

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i have made that with the Android-App Foldersync (best buy the pro version).
On the (linux-)server i continuesly monitor if new files come in, when there is a file it gets scaled and moved to the final directory which was a directory for a gallery of the CMS. That did work.
For Nextcloud you will need to incorporate this directory in Nextcloud.



the wedding is over, we did it on the traditional way: Sharing a folder via anonymous URL without password and printing out the URL as QR-Code on small flyer for each table.

The idea for having an application acting as a “Polaroid Camera” with auto upload to Nextcloud may be interesting for a dev with more time than 1 week preparation (I was the best man and called 5 days prior :wink: ).

Thank you for your ideas!