Mobile Synchronisation Issues

Dear nextcloud users community,

I encounter some difficulties to synchronize nexcloud file with mobile (app NextCloud). Sync from server to mobile works well, creation of new file in the mobile are synconised as well in the server. But modifications of existing files in the mobile are not synchronised in the server. Is there any apps / conf to install or modify to make it work ?

Concerning Calendars/Contacts sync, is there any free apps ? Or a way to sync cal/card using the same NextCloud android app without installing any additional application ?

Thank you for your help,

Firstly, are you talking about the Android or the iOS mobile app? Second, which version (and which version of Nextcloud are you running)?

Third, the mobile clients don’t have the same goal as the desktop clients. They’re not intended to sync all files between the server and your device, so much as to allow integration between the two. While I believe there is a way to mark specific files to be kept in sync, it isn’t going to sync all files automatically when you install / open it, because of the risk of wiping out your data plan / device storage. The mobile clients will let you upload, download and view files on the server though.

As to a free app for syncing calendars and contacts, on Android there is Davdroid. If you’re on the latest Nextcloud client, after installing Davdroid (from Fdroid or the Play store) you can even go into the settings and in one click it will open and configure the basic connection settings for Davdroid, for you.

If you’re on iOS then someone else might need to answer this, or you could ask over in the iOS client subforum here.

Hope that helps!

Hi Bugsbane,

Thank you so much for your detailed explaination. I am indeed using Android application. I understand now better how files are synchronized with mobile phones. Thank you for suggesting the Davdroid app, I will try it.

Have a nice day,

Many thanks !

You’re very welcome. :slight_smile: Welcome to the Nextcloud community!

Hello. What does it mean ?


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