Mobile location tracker

It’d be awesome to have an Android app which could sync to Nextcloud for location tracking. Similar apps to this that already exist are Google+ / location tracking, Geozilla and Life360 family tracker.

There would already be available open source “modules” to use, like Traccar and the osmand format:

Also Vitaly Litvak’s UI extension:

So basically I’d want a client for android like others have done, which could be done as a web-wrapper of Traccar with added features, like easily tracking other Nextcloud users. Perhaps this could be made to work with federation? The tracker part would need a feature where it’d only update the location when the user is moving some distance (much like G+ and Geozilla etc). Of course you could have the option for live tracking, public sharing etc…

From what I see there wouldn’t be that much to program if working with the existing applications in the background. “Really” all that would be needed is the user implementation with Nextcloud and properly implemented android application that would also support wifi / mobile network locating via the Google Maps geolocation API

Open to any further suggestions :slight_smile:

Hey I would love that as well. Actually what needs to be done is to write an app which works the same as this one for wordpress:

I’m searching for a solution like live-tracking and trying some existing apps and web-solutions.
It work’s quite well with the navigation app locusmap. There are also some tracking web-services to test.
And a solution for selfhosting a tracking service (did not test it):

Maybe this is a simple way to add live-tracking in nextcloud - for those programming specialists, who are working with gps issues in nextcloud :slight_smile:

Cheers, Mike

Hi together,

did you try phonetrack?
Works quite well

Best reagrds,

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Hi Stefan,

I found this app a short time after my posting - thanks!
At the moment I am struggling with the logging sent to nextcloud / phone tracker by the app locusmap :slight_smile:


Hello Micki,

I use a Onplus3 phone and tryed many apps.
For me Osmand and µlogger are working well. Osmand comsumes a lot of power.

Best regards,

Hi Stefan,

I’m trying to get the Live Tracking functionality offered by Locus Map to work … but at the moment did not find the time to play around with this feature. There is something sent to the server like the name of the device, but all other data are either wrong (date) or missing.
As soon, as I have a working result, I will post it here :slight_smile:


Hi there,

Just to add some information about logging to PhoneTrack with LocusMap :

LocusMap is a proprietary app available for Android.

PhoneTrack is not compatible with LocusMap which means it’s not possible to log with LocusMap to a PhoneTrack session unless LocusMap can behave like one of the compatible apps.

This is discussed in an issue of the gitlab project. I don’t think i’ll implement LocusMap compatibility in PhoneTrack as i don’t want to promote proprietary software or buy LocusMap. I’ll probably accept any merge request which makes it happen though.

Just a quick shout-out, this is really nice: