Mobile client is unusable for over a month

I really would like to say that I am sad or irritated, but the thing is that I am furious.
The whole “start” screen with files and sidebar just lags the hell out of my phone. And that would be fine for a few year phone, but not for a 2021 so called “flagship”.
Any interaction with folders on main screen ends up with app hanging, clicking on hamburger menu freezes app and then and then I can count animation fps on without any external tools.
The upload menu shows: “Waiting for upload” for any picture and does not upload anything. The failed uploads show “App terminated” which is “okay” I guess since the app chokes on it’s own and dies on turned off screen.
The favourites just flickers constantly between “Loading” and “there are no favourites” text.
The “On device” tab send me back to biometric login hell until I kill the app manually.
All of that renders the app unusable, but all that is not the worst thing that makes me furious about this whole situation is that the month ago when I just started using nextcloud everything was working fine and I can’t go back to that.
The web client is working fine from a phone hotspot so I have access to contacts, callendar etc. but I as many before me I am here for syncing things and that core part stopped working for me and I am here with a dead app on my phone not knowing what should I do next.
I can’t find logs so I can’t even check what is wrong. The server logs look like they are not receving upload requests at all.

There’s not really anything to go on as far as troubleshooting. Maybe you could start by posting details about your server, Nextcloud config, logs, etc. does the same thing happen to other users/devices? Are there problems with the web interface too or just the app? What platform?

Okay there is some really serious bug with uploads…
Web client was working fine on both Firefox and Chromium based browser. I was able to upload big files directly from my system using Web client. The same with Web client on my phone.
And when I was playing around I found that cat picture I just took got uploaded(yep it was a cat picture…). So I captured a few more pictures and all got uploaded despite having other 200 in a queue.
So I cleared caches. Still nothing happened. And then I decided to just clear the queue manually. First by clearing all failed uploads and then using cancel on single files. When I was done the app started functioning.
I can scroll the file views, I can open and download files again. The hamburger menu stopped lagging. On Device section loads and Favourites section is no longer in eternal Loading/No favourites loop.
So yeah I have a pretty big hole in my uploads(1 month) but app started working. The problems started around 5-6 november. From that date I see latest uploaded files. It would be nice to have “sync now” button to reupload images in case of this kind of emergencies…

From the server perspective it was pretty fresh. Docker image with ‘latest’ tag to test the new 3.0 dashboard. Everything behind VPN, but as I mentioned only I had problems and only on the mobile app.

Edit_1. I tried screen recording some of the issues, but well… I had a black screen. Is there an option to switch that somewhere inside system/app settings?
Edit_2. The platform is Android. Downloaded from google app store.