Missing upload as share option for folders - can only edit


Since recently (not exactly sure when but definitely the case with 3.8.0), when I create a share link on a folder via the file manager context menu, I get the share option “edit” (see screenshot 1). This used to correspond to the “edit and upload” option form the Web UI, i.e. when ticked then people with that shared link could upload files into that folder.

This is no longer the case, and is now strictly “edit”, and so people with the shared link cannot upload into it (the + sin is not present). If I look up the sharing properties of this folder in the WebUI the option is indeed only “edit” and not the bundle “edit and upload” (see screenshot 2) as it used to be.

I believe this is not the intended behaviour and is a usability regression. Or at least then upload should also be available as a share option for folder from the context menu.

Using Nextcloud server 25.0.5
Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.8.0
Dolphin-nextcloud 3.8.0 for file manager integration

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thanks for reporting, I can confirm this exact behavour on all my server instances and from the same desktop client version on (windows client, linux server).

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I’ve opened a bug report about this: [Bug]: Missing upload as share option for folders - can only edit · Issue #5615 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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The issue is that the default share options should be the “Bundled permissions” (Read only, Allow upload and editing, File drop) and not the “Custom Permissions” (Upload, Edit , Delete). If other users have this issue it would be good to signal it in the bug report so it gets some attention.

Using Nextcloud server 26.0.1
Nextcloud Desktop Client 3.8.1

still have same problem

Feels like quite a big regression to me but it does not seem like the issue is getting much attention.

I have now checked the behaviour in the android app and there the share option is “Edit and Upload”, as it should, and so this issue is only on the desktop client, and indeed a bug.