Missing sharing option


I’m experiencing a bug with nextcloud desktop client.

When I right click on a file or folder and want to add some sharing option before copying the link, the box appear but not the “sharing a link” option.

I’ve find out that this problem appear under this circumstance :

Nextcloud server version : 22 or more
Nextcloud client version : 3.X

There no problem to add this sharing option on the web version.

In the Nextcloud Client, I have this error : The file cannot be shared because it does not have sharing permission. It’s a folder shared by the admin account with all of us who gave all right rights.

This problem appear even on our own folder.

Does anyone has a solution ?

Perhaps it is this issue.
Maybe you can use temporarily an older version. Or wait for a bugfix.

You are my man, I couldn’t find a topic about that. I followed this link Nextcloud Windows Client 3.4 - Right-click Share Options does not provide public links · Issue #4107 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub and ticked the right boxes.

Thank you !

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