Missing php on Ubuntu 18.04 with nextcloud 13.0.2

I try to install nextcloud 13.0.2 on ubuntu 18.04 but it complains about missing php-modules, e.g.:
“PHP-Modul zip not installed.“
I put a php-info file in the nextcloud directory (”/var/www/vhosts/nextcloud” in my case) and it says amongst other things:


So i guess php is properly installed and available in that virtual host. I installed all php-modules as described in the documentation.
What am i doing wrong? I searched the web, if there are any issues about ubuntu 18.04 and nextcloud but that’s seemingly not the case.
I would very much appreciate any helpful hints.

apache2ctl -M:

php7_module (shared)

The root-server was preinstalled with ubunutu 16.0.4 and i did an update to 18.0.4. Maybe something in that process caused the problems though i didn’t see any errors showing up.
Anyway i reset to their official 16.0.4 and the problems with missing php moduls dissapeared.
Thanks to all who read the question and tried to find an answer!

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I marked your answer as solution although it is only a workaround. Others seem to have problems as well:

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May I ask what “reset to their official 16.04” means? I seem to be having the same or similar problem. Newbie to both Nextcloud and Ubuntu. How do I do this “reset” after upgrading to 18.04, and get PHP error?

They probably use a server at a hosting company. There you can reset your server with default images of different distributions.

Take a look in the other posts. 18.04 seems to work in general, but you must install all require php7.2 modules. If you plan to upgrade, I’d wait for the summer until they have run more tests on the upgrade procedure of Ubuntu.

Yes, as tflidd indicated, we have a root server at a hosting company. They have “templates” for the OSs’ they support. I installed 16.0.4, did the upgrade “the ubuntu way” and it didn’t work. I then choosed to reinstall using their web frontend and selected again to completely erase and reinstall ubuntu 16.0.4 with using the supported template. Upgrading headless via ssh is not the perfect way.
What made me do this is that not only nextcloud didn’t work but other popular php based stuff also, as e.g. Moodle.
So it’s either my fault due to failures in the update procedure or maybe php 7.2 is not supported or something in ubuntu 18.0.4 is wrong. Anyway, I’m feeling too old for running experimental root-servers :wink:

Ok, thanks to you both for the confirmation. Figured it meant going back to 16.04 completely, but wanted to make sure. I too am running Ubuntu Server. I made the mistake of updating to 18.04 (couldn’t resist) and crashed my Nextcloud installation. Spent over a day trying to resolve problems. I actually think it’s probably only a single problem that had a ripple effect, but never could narrow it down to just one thing. Something between Apache2, PHP 7.2, and Redis. I’m a Ubuntu newbie, but can usually figure things out pretty well (going to the days of DOS). Today I’m going to try re-installing 16.04 and see how it goes. Thanks for the follow-ups.