Missing Link / Icon / Shortcut in Windows 10 Explorer

Nextcloud version (eg, 12.0.2): 12.0.3
Nextcloud- Client and Windows 10pro

I just set up Nextcloud, created Group Folder, groups and users, assigned Access rights and did some testing.
So far everything Looks fine, however there is one thing stopping me from deploying it to multiple users.
It is the fact that I don’t get an Icon or shortcut in Windows Explorer or on the Desktop.

After the Setup of the client is completed, there is this menue to use browser or open the local Explorer. If I choose the Explorer it is fine, however. As soon as the window is closed, there is no link / Icon available to get back to the nextcloud Directory.

Of course I know where the nextcloud directory is located, but I have to roll out the Client to several users, I mean USERS, no admins, no PC skills beside using Office and the Win File Explorer.
And I have no Access to their PCs, they are far away, all across the Country. Dropbox, OneDrive, SynologyDrive, all working flawless with this respect, offering a Symbol in the WIN Explorer.

How can I get a decent link / Icon deployed by the Client Setup ?
If this doesn’t work, I will not be able to use Nextcloud, which would be a shame.


Nextcloud develops its own client from NC 13 on, currently they put a theme on the owncloud client. The best is to raise an issue and ask to add a step in the end of the installation process to add a link on the Desktop:

Issue for feature request raised