Missing files in Community after attempt at Downloading for back-up


We run a small business on the Community Version of NextCloud and all has been fine for several years. However, in a bid to instigate better back-up processes we tried to download onto an external hard-disk a large folder which we regular use on NextCloud main Cloud drive (although we all work on our local drives for parts we need).
The download ‘froze’ half way and says ‘Echec-Erreur reseau’ - but more importantly the files we were trying to download are no longer in the cloud version of NextCloud!! Or rather two or three small ones are but the rest have disappeared.
All help extremely gratefully receieved.

Keep calm.
Where was the harddrive connected?
How did you try to transfer the files?
Are there any files on the harddrive?
What does

mean in English (“Ressource not available”? Sorry, my French is too bad)
Do you have another backup?
How can you access the server?

Hi Pete,
Thanks for reply. Trying to stay calm!!
The message translates as Network Failure-Error
I plugged in an external drive. Went to Nexcloud online and ticked the folder we wanted to back up and clicked download. It behaved normally, then came up with that message (on the zipped file at bottom of screen) and then we saw all the files (the folder I have ticked) had gone from NextCloud too.

Luckily i had backed up most of that file from my local drive the day before so lost some work but not all but wondering how we can get the files out of this ‘locked’ zip folder.
If it is of importance - we use chrome. I read online last night sometimes issues with it and downloads but have not had this issue before but before have only ever backed up from our local drive (on individual computer) not from the cloud directly

At least you got half-way lucky…
Sounds like it’s high time for a server-based backup.
How do you access the server itself (apart from browsers or client-software)? Do you have shell, ssh or ftp-access? (Doing this thru the client-interface with http(s) is the slowest and most error-prone way of doing it.)
Depending on how valuable your data is it may pay off in the long run to spend some €/$ on some gigs of network storage or upgrade your server so you get mor protocols or shell access.
there’s ready-to-use backup-solutions for all kinds of (nextcloud-)scenarios out there and you’ll find a lot in these forums.

Thanks Pete. apparently our server was overloaded and needs upgrading but it’s a wake call for us to get better organised with back-ups and a failure system
Thanks for your input