Missing features in Talk

I miss some (I think) good features for talk. Where can I post suggestions for Talk?

  • Contacts in Talk
  • Talk - Invitations -> Access to Contacts / like sharing
  • Talk - Invitations -> also users always get a mail
  • Talk - Invitations -> Access to Contacts groups (group invitations)

These are my thoughts about it. Or do these functions already exist and I have not seen it?

Greetings, Lars

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Write an issue at https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed/issues

Ok… sorry… then my first step in GitHub. :wink:

Ok. if you write it in the next post in this thread i can copy it to GitHub for you. Please use your old first post and extend it. I am not really got GitHub user. My most issues are not implemented yet :wink:

My first problem is my english… need translator. :sleepy:
I have set it in GitHub now

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You get a first answer hat Github.