Missing buttons in Nextcloud Desktop Client's bulk conflict resolution interface


I have run into a “little” snag on one of my PCs as described below. If anyone knows anything about this please let me know!

Platform: Windows 10

Nextcloud version: 3.10.1

Describe the bug:

When attempting to resolve a large number of file conflicts (currently 345 file pairs) using the Nextcloud Desktop Client’s bulk conflict resolution feature, the interface lacks any buttons to proceed with the resolution or cancel the process. This renders the feature unusable for larger conflicts.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the Nextcloud Desktop Client to see a view containing the conflicting files.
  2. Click on the “Resolve Conflicts” button at the top to open a UI view with the conflicting files.
  3. Select either or both “All local…” or “All server…” at the top of the list for all conflicting files.
  4. Observe that there are no buttons to confirm or cancel the bulk conflict resolution process.

Expected behaviour:

The bulk conflict resolution interface should provide buttons to confirm the selection and proceed with the resolution, or cancel the process and return to the previous state.

Image of UI missing the buttons…

Additional information:

  • The bug occurs consistently when dealing with large numbers of conflicting files.
  • The bulk conflict resolution feature does work as expected for smaller numbers of conflicts.

Possible solutions:

  • Add buttons to the bulk conflict resolution interface for confirming the selection and proceeding with the resolution or cancelling the process.
  • Implement a more robust handling of large numbers of conflicting files, ensuring that the interface remains functional and responsive.

Hello @Jan_B_Michanek ,

very good description of your issue. Wish all topics had such a quality.

Did a 30s search at GitHub and found:

Does that match your issue?

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I have encountered the same problem. In the resolve multiple conflicts window there are no buttons displayed nor something could be clicked. To get a usable screenshot I solved all the conflicts but the last 2, every single one in a resolve single conflict window, very tedious and awkward.