Missing Apps Store

I have implemented my NextCloud on a public cloud server. everything is alright except can’t load the app store. It looks like this

Here is my environment: Ubuntu 16.04 NextCloud 20.5 docker-compose
I have tried to modify the Config.php file and the timeout delaying, but this issue still there
I think this is not referring to my network speed, as I can 'ping ’ the apps.nextcloud.com.

please help me address this issue, because I really want to add some apps to my NextCloud.
otherwise, would you tell me how to install apps without from apps.nextcloud.com?


Same here with Nextcloud 20.0.6 running on Docker.

Yes this is because https://apps.nextcloud.com is down.

More importantly, I was upgrading a bunch of Nextcloud instances, from UI or CLI this removes the installed apps, and then once the installation from zip/tgz file is done, I ended up with crippled Nextcloud. Could not log in cause the TOTP and SAML apps cannot be downloaded.

On instances without 2FA I only go the files tab, not contacts and calendar.

I managed to get the apps I need from my backups, but the installer should have pinged apps.nextcloud.com before nuking my install.

apps.nextcloud.com has been down for a week. Is this the end of nextcloud?

That is not true. Closing here. We stay with topic Appstore down? Unable to access apps.nextcloud.com