Miserable experience with Nextcloud

Hi, just wanted to give some feedback about my painful experience with NextCloud, I’m appalled by how everything seems to be broken and half-baked.
I installed it the from the latest official Docker image, added nginx proxy/Let’s Encrypt and all, using the official tutorials. It actually worked and I was happy.

Then problems started piling up.

Out of the box, Collabora Online randomly rendered the entire server unresponsive, which is a known issue: RichDocuments built-in CODE causes significant slowdown/timeout issues · Issue #1282 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub. It took me a whole day to figure out, because it was random. I had to disable this broken app.

The Android app worked fine, but the iOS app failed to login with a cryptic error “request denied”. Turns out, I had to add an arcane key to the config file: Cannot grant access - #13 by Robertoal, which is slightly confusing that the Android app works fine but the iOS app fails with an unhelpful error.

Then I tried to import data from Google Photos. The app is hosted at NextCloud’s Github account: GitHub - nextcloud/integration_google: 🇬 Google integration into Nextcloud so I assume it’s an official app. The data migration page showing 403 errors after connecting to the Google account was a mild nuisance (I had to enable individual API’s in the GCP panel – my bad, although the data migration page could add some clarification on it) – the actual problem was that the photo import got stuck at 78 photos (I have around 2000 photos) and stopped working. I tried to restart it but to no avail. I searched in all the logs I could find, and no indication of anything.

So, I thought to myself, OK, I can upload the photos from my Android app (freshly installed from Google Play, latest Android and all). It successfully uploads individuals files, but when I select several files, it just ignores my request and nothing happens, without any errors.

I got slightly enraged, to say the least, so to let off some of the steam, I decided to create this post on this forum. I didn’t want to create a separate account, so I tried to login via Google. The auth process failed with a 503 error on your end. I thought to myself, OK auth via Google is broken, let’s create an actual account. I filled all the data and the response of the forum was “We cannot detect if your account was created”. However, I was determined, so my second attempt went through.

To sum it up. Everything about NextCloud seems to be broken and half-baked, even this forum somehow. I approached it with an open heart but have leave it behind and look for some other alternatives. It’s the first time I use a piece of software where almost everything seems to be broken.

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I think you had bad luck as you were installing a brand new release. New releases tend to be buggy and should be avoided at all cost. I was so stupid not to wait a few weeks before upgrading to Nextcloud 23, and now I have a broken instance. The marketing people are screaming too loud about all the cool new features while most of them still are in alpha or beta stage. Just have a look at all the forum posts by desperate users after upgrading. If I was you I would rather install Nextcloud 22 that actually works fine

Nextcloud has been a disappointment ever since they dumped the gallery app in favor of photos. The developers just push new features without fixing bugs. I’ve had issues open for over a year with no resolution and now they have a bot that automatically closes issues which enrages me.

Your first problem with collabora is likely this - v5.0.0 breaks NC 23 RC3 · Issue #1886 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub

If you want a bug free experience use the oldest version of nextcloud that still gets security updates.

Welcome to the userforums of Nextcloud were you usually get in contact with users who volunteerly want to help with problems.

As much as I can understand that you’re enraged and need to vent off as little I understand why you’re doing it here? It’s not helpful for non involvded side. You could go out, sit in your car and run over several ppl in the street… would help exactly as much for solving your problems.

The funny aspect is - and sure enough that was completely unindended by you - the following citation:

So to say it in other words: the main thing that came from Nextcloud was working and made you happy.

Then you experienced your first 3rd party-app-problem with Collabora. That’s not exactly a NC problem but one of the maintainers of CODE app.

“Android worked fine”

iOS had problems which could be solved by yourself (most probably it’ll be solved automatically in an upcoming release)

Then a google problem popped up… which was clearly a setup problem on YOUR side.

and then, finally, you had a problem setting up an account here on this forum (which again is a 3rd party app)…

So I think it’s funny that you address several problems while NC is working fine. Nevertheless it’s all within the responsibility of Nextcloud. :smiley: so well I daresay - and I’m almost sure that I can speak for all and everyone here - please be mild on us and excuse our failure that we didn’t manage to achieve worldpeace so far.

Well… sarcasm off.
As you didn’t have posted any details nor infos about the problematic system(s) I just need to come to the conclusion that the only reason for your thread here was venting off.

Hence I’ll alter closing policy on this thread and it’ll close itself 1 day after last answer here.

If you’ll want real help (at least some sophisticated tries) feel free to open a new thread and don’t forget to add enough info/details about every involved system.

Thanks for your understanding


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