Misconfigured "News" app

I am running Nextcloud version 26.0.0 and News app version 21.1.0 hosted at cloudamo. It kinda looks like the News DB glitched during an upgrade that the hoster did. The symptom is that most of my feeds aren’t visible. The ones that are visible seem to be updating correctly. If I try to add a missing/invisible feed, I get “feed already exists”. Several of the invisible feeds update several times a day, so more than 24hrs without any of them updating is strange. If I do an “export OPML”, it correctly lists all of the feeds. “import OPML” doesn’t seem to do anything, probably because the feeds are already there. I tried disabling/enabling and remove/install the app and no change to the visibility. I don’t see a way to change visibility from the UI. I assume that there is something in the mariadb that I would have to change? what do I have to do? I’d rather not just start hacking at the DB entries without knowing what I am doing…

Looking at the DB entries, it looks like the real problem is that those feeds aren’t getting fetched by the cron job. I don’t see anything in the DB which would affect that, the affected frequent feeds have a last fetched date shortly before I noticed the problem.

So I tried deleting a feed from the DB, and then adding it back via the UI. So far, it seems to be working. so I did it for all of the “invisible” feeds, and so far seems to be working.

So the big question is, why the feeds seem to have been ignored? I didn’t save the old records anywhere, as I just had a thought that maybe the URLhash or the lastmodified got corrupted?

So now it seems to be working.


hard to say what went wrong there, in general the nextcloud job system and the news update process can’t deal very well with interruptions like a DB update by the hoster for example.

In the latest version I added a new info to the admin settings that shows you if the job was executed lately or not.
If the job is blocked you currently have to modify the DB a future version will provide a occ command for that.