Mirror of Nextcloud Web Application to IOS/Android


I need a solution for Nextcloud Web application of all apps in single bundled Mobile application for IOS & Android.

Nextcloud has separate applications for Files, Talk, Deck etc… I want all those applications in a single application how can we make this solution workaround.

  1. Is there any possibility to get a single bundled application of Nextcloud
  2. Can we convert it as a hybrid mobile app from Web
  3. How we can build a native apps which is clubbed together of Nextcloud|

Can you explain your issue? There are a lot of Nextcloud Apps you only can use in the browser. The Nextcloud apps for iOS and Android only supports parts of this and each mobile app only a part of this. But you can use on your smartphone a web browser if you like it.

Mobile apps like Nextcloud files, Nextcloud Talk, … are programmed from hundreds of people. You can’t just wish for a joint app. That would be nice, but it’s unrealistic.

Start at Nextcloud · GitHub and see the different projects for different apps for Nextcloud.

Thanks for replying! I need a Nextcloud application for mobile , which should be a replica of the browser app.

For this , I have tried some methods like implementing the website in the mobile WebView through Android Studio . And have used some third party tools to convert website to native app. But the issue am facing is only the Talk app is not working , it shows a browser error like " the browser you’re using is not fully supported for Nextcloud Talk ".

Is there any way to convert a web app to native app?

Honestly, this is a ridiculous request (and you are not the first person with this idea).

It just makes absolutely no sense. Absolutely not. In any way.

Let’s break it down:

  • Your idea to wrap the web UIs in a WebView is the technically most easiest way. And completely useless in my point of view. What did you reach then? Native performance? Native UX? Offline capabilities? Nothing will change except the launching method. Just add a shortcut to your domain for this purpose.

Now let’s think about the native apps:

  • Each of the is developed on a completely independant tech stack. Different libraries, UX approaches, heck, even different programming languages. Merging those projects source code into one big application will make it just a Frankenstein’s app from the source code perspective
  • Each app is developed by an independent team. Some are volunteers, some are employees of the Nextclouf GmbH, some are third party companies with own (financial) interrests. It is organisatorically impossible.
  • Each Nextcloud instance has a custom set of apps installed. Not for every there is a native mobile counterpart. So I guess your “one app” does support everything of course and dynamically only shows the ones which are enabled on the current accounts instance?
  • Given only the Talk Android app has a size of > 55 MB your final app will probably take hundrets (!) of MB, which need to be downloaded and installed by each user for each update
  • Talking about updates: New feature in Talk? Sorry, wait until the big fat app suite will have its next release. Independent, quick delovery of new features and bug fixes? Impossible.
  • What kind of UX are you imagine? Just try it. Imagine one app, which allows you to access everything. That’s just not realiatic. What do you think, why Google ships separate apps for Drive, GMail, Contacts, Calendar, Docs, Chat and a dozen others? It is comparable one to one. How would the result look like if everything of Google was in one app?

Last not least: You definitely have a XY problem. Explain your motivation, your problem and what you want to actually reach. Then we can discuss proper solutions :wink:

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Finally I have found the solution now .

I’ve created an android WebView application for Nextcloud using a third-party tool called Gonative.io

  • Converted the entire web app to native mobile app .

  • we can have all the inbuilt applications together like Files , Talk etc.